How Cane Bay Partners is Helping the U.S. Virgin Islands Work Toward a Brighter Future

Cane Bay Partners is an international consulting firm based in the United States Virgin Islands. Focusing mostly on the financial services industry, the company helps clients worldwide become more capable, efficient, and competitive.

In addition to being a trusted, valued partner to so many of the world’s leading businesses, Cane Bay is also a deeply engaged member of the U.S. Virgin Islands community. Under the direction of partners like David Johnson Cane Bay has given back to the territory in a variety of significant, productive ways.

One Company’s Drive to Support the U.S. Virgin Islands

The U.S. Virgin Islands is an undeniably beautiful place and is a top destination for tourists for that reason. While it can easily seem like paradise, the territory does have widely recognized weaknesses and challenges that need to be overcome.

Primary among these are a longstanding, amply demonstrated vulnerability to natural disasters and a lack of economic diversification. The combined effect of these two issues has been to make life for many residents far more precarious and even dangerous than it should be.

Companies like Cane Bay, though, have been helping the territory make much-needed progress in various relevant ways. Cane Bay, for instance, has provided useful support via:

  • Cane Bay Cares. Amid the devastation of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, Cane Bay established a new nonprofit with a mission of helping St. Croix recover. That group, Cane Bay Cares, ended up playing a pivotal role in the important, difficult work that followed. With Cane Bay’s partners donating large amounts of their own wealth, the well-funded organization was able to deliver supplies to thousands of St. Croix residents who needed them badly.
  • The Economic Development Authority. The Economic Development Authority of the U.S. Virgin Islands has been striving for years to diversify the tourism-focused territory’s financial foundations. As an active participant in that agency’s economic incentive program, Cane Bay has been providing helpful support.

Even Better Days Await the U.S. Virgin Islands

Strategically targeted efforts like these are helping the U.S. Virgin Islands become a more resilient and well-rounded place. Local companies like Cane Bay that are committed to helping out are making a definite difference.