Influential Consultants are Helping Businesses Make Better Use of AI

Many leaders in the world of business have heard plenty of talk about how artificial intelligence, or AI, is getting ready to upend and revolutionize many fields. Unfortunately, pinpointing just how AI is likely to affect a particular industry or market has proved to be a lot more difficult than would be hoped.

In many cases, the best way to respond will be to have a consulting company like Cane Bay Partners look into the details to develop an informed, well-grounded forecast. While AI will undoubtedly produce plenty of profound changes in the years to come, it generally takes quite a bit of domain-specific knowledge to figure out where its impact will be greatest.

Experts Ready to Assess How AI Will Change Particular Business Activities

Business leaders frequently find themselves tasked with deciding how best to allocate limited resources. That often means being required to predict how particular options will evolve and develop over time.

When faced with a relatively novel matter like AI based on neural networks and deep learning, it can seem almost impossible to make a truly informed, appropriate decision. In many such cases, though, simply reaching out for some advice will make things quite a bit simpler.

Consultants are Ready to Help

That will most often mean bringing in a consultant who understands both the strengths of AI and the particular nature of the subject at hand. Some of the business activities and areas where AI’s likely future impact will generally be of greatest interest are:

  • Call centers. Many companies either run call centers of their own or operate them on behalf of clients. Just how AI will integrate with future call center operations in general is a question for which no firm answer has yet been revealed . In particular contexts, though, having access to the right types of expertise tends to make it easier to judge whether AI will facilitate specific call center processes or not.
  • Marketing. AI of certain types is already being employed to great effect by especially forward-thinking marketers. Once again, consultants who keep up with the state of the art can help companies judge whether similar opportunities might be available to them.

Experienced consultants are prepared to help their clients judge how AI will impact areas like these in the near future. That will often help clarify whether related investments will make any sense.